January A Brief Introduction to Engineering Computation with MATLAB. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons-ShareAlike Book. Language English. Title. Engineering computation with MATLAB Author(S) David M. Smith (Author). Publication. Data. Boston: Pearson education, Inc. ease you to look guide engineering computation with matlab 3rd as you such as. links of Engineering Computation with MATLAB (3rd Edition) Pdf, epub, docx.

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[BOOKS] Engineering computation with MATLAB by David M. Smith. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. Engineering Computation with MATLAB introduces the power of computing to links of Engineering Computation with MATLAB (3rd Edition) Pdf, epub, docx. Smith David M. Engineering Computation with MATLAB. Файл формата pdf; размером 12,63 МБ. Добавлен пользователем Silver

Thus, motivation for this book stems from the notions that were generated by the OSS movement. The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary by L.

Torvalds and D. Diamond, New York: HarperCollins Publishers. Raymond, Sebastopol: Benkler, New Haven: Yale University Press. The book was written to pay a small token of appreciation to BCIT and I hope it will be a contri- bution to the open educational resources repository. Serhat Beyenir North Vancouver, B. Make a note of muddy points as they may occur during lectures and email your notes to me.

Since the primary focus is engineering computation. Helping one another drastically improves your understanding of the material. Learning a new skill. The strategic goal of the course and book is to provide learners with an appreciation for the role computation plays in solving engineering problems. Do not try to memorize commands. As the old saying goes. Study with a classmate. Good practice makes one perfect. The best way to learn about engineering computation is to actually do it.

I will address those issues at the beginning of the next class. To make the best of this process. The exam is open book. Chapter 1 Introduction 1. The network access is platform independent. For example. The saved-instructions can be called again with dif- ferent data set to build new plots. Microsoft Excel and can be called from C code. In POWR Figure 1.

The prompt can be any one of the following: The desktop is a set of tools graphical user interfaces or GUIs for managing files. We enter statements at the Command Window prompt. The Command Window. To open the Workspace browser. The Command History. The Current Folder also displays details about files in your current directory and within the hierarchy of the folders it contains.

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Current Folder. Start Button. Current Folder docked on the desktop. The tab key. The up arrow key. Menu Bar. The semicolon symbol. Type the following entry and press the Return key: Instead of retyping the equation. To execute that line.

This is useful when you want to keep your command window clean. Undefined function or method 'sine' for input arguments of type 'double'. Using the left arrow key. Pressing the up arrow key repeatedly recalls the previously entered commands. We can recall the value y by simply typing y and pressing Return. Select it and press Return or Enter key. Make the correction and press Return or Enter to execute the command.

You can display a topic by clicking on the link. Or if you know the command or function you need help with. For example to learn about clc command. Also try the following command: To learn about sine function.

If you type doc in the command prompt. Often times. Demos and online seminars are available at product demos and online seminars8. Like using help sin. Learn about the following terms using help command: Cur- rent Folder and Start Button. Useful commands and functions 1. Command History. Use Function Browser to learn about natural logarithm. Exercise 1. List the items found under HELP menu. See also whos.

If X is a scalar and Y is a vector. Displayed variables may be viewed. PLOT X. If X or Y is a matrix. Y plots vector Y versus vector X.. CLEAR removes all variables from the workspace.. Start Button Solution to Exercise 1. Solution to Exercise 1. For float variables.. FORMAT with no inputs sets the output format to the default appropriate for the class of the variable. Figure Desktop menu items Solution to Exercise 1.

Help menu items Solution to Exercise 1. Information about natural logarithm displayed with Search for Functions. Chapter 2 Getting Started 2. Operators NOTE: The backslash operator is used to solve linear systems of equations. Note the addtional operators shown in the table below: In other words. As the term implies. Column vector is also a special matrix. Array operations refer to element-wise calculations on the arrays.

Consider the following example. Row vector is a special matrix that contains only one row. Parentheses 2. The precedence rules for MATLAB operators are shown in the list below from the highest precedence level to the lowest. Basic arithmetic in the command window. Typing pi returns the number 3. The arguments in trigonometric functions are in radians. To find the ln of To find the sine of pi. To find the log of Be sure to read the relevant help and doc pages for functions that are not self explanatory.

Example 2. Practice the following examples to familiarize yourself with the common mathematical functions. The short format is set by default and the numerical results are displayed with 4 digits after the decimal point see the examples above. The long format produces 15 digits after the decimal point. Command and function names are also case-sensitive.

Please note that when you use the command-line help. Do not use upper-case letters when running functions and commands. Assignment of a scalar quantity. CLEAR only to emphasize them. Scalars and vectors are special cases of matrices having size 1x1 scalar.

By double-clicking on the variable. Assignment of a row vector quantity. This action will create a variable called unnamed which is displayed in the workspace.

We can also use the Variable Editor to assign a row vector. In the menu bar. By clicking on the title unnamed. Assignment of a row vector by using the Variable Editor. Or by using the Variable Editor: Assignment of a column vector quantity. Consider the examples below: Assignment of a column vector quantity by using the Variable Editor. Figure 2. Assignment of a 2x5 matrix.

Assignment of a matrix by using the Variable Editor. In the course of solving a problem. The matrix looks like this: Using the coefficients of simultaneous linear equations.

Assignment of a 5x2 matrix. As you learned earlier. To solve the simultaneous equation. Equally important in engineering problem solving is the application of polynomials. These three steps are illustrated below: Polynomials are functions that are built by simply adding together or subtracting some power functions. To evaluate f x at 5. The row vector still contains 5 elements as in the previous example but this time we will enter two zeros for the coefficients with power of 3 and 1: The following shows the Command Window output: To split a long statement over multiple lines simply enter three periods ".

Example The following shows the com- mand window output: Examine the following examples: Basic operations.. Decimal point. The coefficients of simultaneous linear equations and polynomials are used to form a row vector..

Continue statement to next line. Row element separator in an array. Exercise 2. Column element separator in an array. Special Characters 2. Three periods ". The format function is used to control the number of digits displayed. MATLAB has the common functions found on a scientific calculator and can be operated in a similar way.

Specify range of array elements. Variable Editor can be used to enter or manipulate matrices. Given below is Load-Gage Length data for a type stainless steel that underwent a tensile test. Macmillan Publishing Company. Evaluate y at 5. Original specimen diameter is Solve the following system of equations: Data available for download. Compute the stress and strain values for each of the measurements obtained in the tensile test. Because it is rather a large table. See the figures below: Extension length in mm.

Chapter 3 Graphics 3. Students are encouraged to study that section. Example 3. After we executed the statement above. Figure 3. Using up arrow. Creating a plot from Workspace.

This opens a menu from which we choose plot x. See the figure below. Graph of sin x with Labels. How- ever, this time we will use the built-in Plot Tools.

Before we initialize that tool set, let us create the necessary variables using the following script:. It also closes any open Figures. Also notice, the five variables we created earlier are listed under Variables. After the subplots have been created. Creating four sub plots. In the dialog box. Repeat this step for the remaining subplots paying attention to Y Data Source Y2.

Adding data to axes. Repeat this step for all subplots. Fill out the fields as shown in the figure below. Using "Property Editor". Save the figure as sinxcosx. The four subplots generated with "Plot Tools". This time.

The four subplots in a single figure. A figure will be generated.

Fiber mode solver matlab

Use the property editor to make the following changes. A raw 3D figure is generated with plot3. Y2 and Y2 variables still in the workspace.

The final result should look like this: To initialize this process. Generating code to reproduce a plot. M-Code generation in progress.

Plot the following functions. Y2 statements create 2. As you can see. Plots at minimum should contain the following elements: Exercise 3.

Modeling and Problem Solving by J. John Wiley and Sons. Data available for down- load. Extension [mm] Load [kN] 0. Display the two plots created earlier in one plot. A tensile test of SAE steel produced the data below Data available for download. Given below is Stress-Strain data for a type stainless steel.

Then execute the following: Chapter 4 Introductory Programming 4. A sample m-file named ThermalConductivity. Number of m-files are displayed in the Current Folder sub-window. Script files have a filename extension of. By typing the filename at the command prompt. Figure 4. Note the triangle in green run button in the tool bar. Using the volume of sphere equation 4. The content of ThermalConductivity. The total volume of the acetylene bottle is found with the sum of volumes equation 4.

Now let us see how an m-file is created and executed. Example 4. To solve this problem. Write a simple script to calculate the volume of the acetylene bottle. In that window type the following code paying attention to the use of percentage and semicolon symbols to comment out the lines and suppress the output. First save this file as AcetyleneBottle. Script created with the built-in text editor. The text editor window will open in a separate window.

The syntax for input is as follows: To make this script interactive we will make some changes to the existing AcetyleneBottle.

Interactive script that computes the volume of acetylene cylinder. The command window upon run will be as follows. The same numerical result is obtained through interactive script. This command will return our friendly greeting as follows: Hello world! The following is displayed in the command window: Using disp. To demonstrate this.

First save the file as AcetyleneBottleInteractiveDisp. This script computes the volume of an acetylene bottle Enter the radius of acetylene bottle in meters.

A Brief Introduction to Engineering Computation with MATLAB

The new file should contain the code below: Notice that the three arguments in str are separated with commas.

Using semicolon at the end of the line suppresses the output. The second argument is where the number to string conversion take place. Remember to save the file with a different name before editing it. And finally the third argument is also a simple text that completes the sentence displayed on the screen.

In the next line of our script. Running the script should produce the following: This script computes the volume of an acetylene bottle: Enter the radius of acetylene bottle in meters. Naming the new. The basic syntax for fopen is as follows: The simplified syntax for fprintf is as follows: To do this. Alternatively, you can directly assign solutions to functions or variables by specifying the outputs explicitly as a vector.

Improved full-vectorial finite-difference mode solver for optical waveguides with step-index profiles Abstract: A general relation considering an interface condition between a sampled point and its nearby points in the finite-difference analysis of optical waveguides, is derived.

I'm not sure whether those will able to solve your issues or not. The code for solving the above to the default mode whereby PLOT fundamental-mode fiber-to-fiber coupling will exhibit power losses. This is why single-mode fibers, for example, exhibit a higher bandwidth than multi-mode fibers.

Support Perfectly-matched boundary layers. This is a key equation used in optical fiber design to calculate the number of modes supported by the fiber. This small Matlab library contains functions for finding and plotting all the LP modes of a step-index fibre under the weakly guided approximation. I used the "Solver profiler" to analyze the behavior and realized that the solver actually resets on every time step. How to plot impulse response for the Multi mode fiber in Matlab Simulating coupled 2nd-order dynamic systems in Matlab.

Disclaimer Part 2 I have no background in signals. Mode Solver. It has a user friendly interface, which allows a user to enter the pulse and waveguide parameters and execute simulations. This equation is shown in the graphic below: I have taken the constant in front of the spatial derivative c is equal to 1 but I have coded this in general since I wish to eventually make this a variable dependent on r. The results found by mode solver at the specified wavelength are here.

Find the latest version at Edge Coupler. This paper addresses the problems in fundamental-mode fiber-to-fiber coupling, including theoretical estimations of expected power losses, estimated demands on the stability of the coupling optics as well as measured values on a fundamental mode fiber-to-fiber coupler. Developed with tapered microfibres aka nanofibres in mind. The modes are labeled according to the calculation option.

NCE are still available options regardless of the mode. From these parameters this calculator will tell you numerous capabilities and characteristics of your fiber. It offers a high flexibility in waveguide design and post-processing of any output data. In By solving the eigenvalue equation before parameters can be expressed as the core-mode cutoff, one can find the radius of the fiber at the core-mode cutoff. Such a mode would anyway usually be extremely sensitive e.

Solve a system of differential equations and assign the outputs to functions. Could anyone explain me this difference in a simple language with examples. Based on semei-vectorial finite difference method, this code is developed for solving the eigen modes in various types of waveguide.

With such features, a fiber simulation software also becomes usable for many bulk-optical devices. Launch a beam: define a Gaussian laser beam and possibly misalignment of the fiber end, and get the powers launched into all the guided modes, also the total guided power.

This function file conticap. It is assumed that the reader has a basic familiarity with the theory of the nite element method,. RP Fiber Power contains a powerful mode solver, which can very quickly calculate all guided modes for a fiber from a given radially symmetric refractive index profile.

To simulate a dynamic system, you compute its states at successive time steps over a specified time span. The source code and files included in this project are listed in the project files section, please make sure whether the listed source code meet your optical-fiber.

This can be extremely useful to automate calculations or perform some elaborate post-processing of results. More examples: []Basic Usage. A meshless method for the solution of full vectorial optical mode fields has been applied to micro-structured optical waveguides. The zip file contains 1.

Raymond Rumpf. As an example, Figure 7 shows how the optical spectrum of the output pulse of a similariton-type mode-locked fiber laser converges to a nearly rectangular shape within resonator round-trips. Published Hello, this is great work! My focus is in mathematics. Yeah,it's a good frequency domain mode solver in the web. Is there a similar fiber-mode solver in python?

In my programming class, we are st Is there any method to calculate SPR using matlab? What is the procedure to simulate fiber optic SPR in matlab? Calculate the response of fiber gratings response with full-vector complex mode theory. Mode effective area of the circular fused silica step-index fiber.

Optical Fibre Toolbox OFT provides functions for fast automatic calculation of guided modes in simple optical fibres. Ask Question 0. Under ideal conditions— cylindrical symmetry and a stress-free fiber, a mode excited with its polarization in the x direction would not couple to the mode with the orthogonal y-polarization state.

Matlab is a prototyping environment, meaning it focuses on the ease of development with language exibility, interactive debugging, and other conveniences lacking in performance-oriented languages like C and Fortran. While Matlab may not be as fast as C, there are ways to bring it closer.

Is this the same thing as "Does the block need to solve for time variation of some quantity, either at continuous or fixed time steps? The frequencies appearing in D are governed by the FFT and depend on the size and length of the spatial grid. Various calculations and simulations are provided that give full understanding of impact of varying parameters such as - active fiber length - pump power - wavelength This script can calculates the LP modes for specific attributes of a fiber and draw them.

Accurate also for high order modes. Learn how to combine analytical solutions with numerical routines to find semi-analytical solutions. The mode solver also calculates propagation constants and the fraction of power guided in the core.

Features: 1. It should compile under any Unix-like operating system. This mode solver is based on the matrix form developed by Dr. The following Matlab project contains the source code and Matlab examples used for fiber grating solver. A Popescu, N. To install, create a directory and unzip all of the files into it. In a graded-index fiber the velocity increases with distance from the core axis since the refractive index decreases.

Covering both fundamentals and advanced research, this book includes both theoretical and experimental results. Hope to find the improvement at this point. Time steps are time intervals when the computation happens. In my programming class, we are st How do I find the propagation constant for different LP modes for step index multimode fiber? The problem with that kind of characterization is, that the propagation delay depends on the wavelength, the temperature and the actual light distribution in the fiber.

All the best.PLOT X. Determine the saturation temperature. Larry L. Figure 1. A gas is expanded in an engine cylinder, following the law PV1. Undefined function or method 'sine' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Using the coefficients of simultaneous linear equations. Polynomials are functions that are built by simply adding together or subtracting some power functions. Yale University Press.

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